I forgot how desperate I was!

I forgot how desperate I was! This time last year I was climbing a fairly steep hill, all in a desperate effort to meet you. I was 3 days overdue and really couldn't wait any longer to hold you in my arms. Little did I know I'd still be waiting a further 3 days! Even … Continue reading I forgot how desperate I was!

15 days!

Today marks the longest we have been home since November! 15 whole days and counting! Caleb had his first session with the local physiotherapy team today. They were very impressed at how well he was doing considering the battles he's faced lately. He's still got a long way to go but we'll get there at … Continue reading 15 days!

I am EXACTLY who he needs!

Tomorrow will be day 10 in hospital. It's been a long and slow recovery (not as long as others understandably). Caleb has managed a few short spells without oxygen today which is great. I was a bit poorly this morning and I was encouraged to go home. There is just no way I am leaving … Continue reading I am EXACTLY who he needs!