I forgot how desperate I was!

I forgot how desperate I was! This time last year I was climbing a fairly steep hill, all in a desperate effort to meet you. I was 3 days overdue and really couldn't wait any longer to hold you in my arms. Little did I know I'd still be waiting a further 3 days! Even … Continue reading I forgot how desperate I was!


This year the school did an alternative nativity play. Mary, Joseph and the rest of the gang were replaced with fairytale characters. Ayla was one of the 3 little pigs, She brought myrrh for baby Jesus. A cute little piggy she was too ūüėć. It was the younger classes turn to star the show, Brody … Continue reading Nativity¬†

Feeling Festive 

We are having a full on Christmassy day. Tree up this morning.  Christmas jumpers on. Now we are at the local panto, looking forward to Cinderella xx #feelingfestive #christmasspirit #christmastree #christmas #christmasjumper #panto #familytime #funday #bloggingmum #ukparentblog #realmum #instamum #instablog #blogger

I am EXACTLY who he needs!

Tomorrow will be day 10 in hospital. It's been a long and slow recovery (not as long as others understandably). Caleb has managed a few short spells without oxygen today which is great. I was a bit poorly this morning and I was encouraged to go home. There is just no way I am leaving … Continue reading I am EXACTLY who he needs!