I forgot how desperate I was!


I forgot how desperate I was!

This time last year I was climbing a fairly steep hill, all in a desperate effort to meet you.

I was 3 days overdue and really couldn’t wait any longer to hold you in my arms.

Little did I know I’d still be waiting a further 3 days!

Even then I was prepared to do anything for you Caleb and today that hasn’t changed.

You have most definitely aged me somewhat, but these extra wrinkles are just laughter lines from all those happy moments.

All these new silver hairs I need to learn to wear like a medal, to symbolise the hard times we’ve over come.

I’m sitting here now, on the same spot on the sofa with you in my arms, exactly as we were the day you were born.

Who knows what our future will hold, I know there will be many more laughter lines and grey hairs but you are totally worth it.

You will always be my baby x


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