“The hardest, worst, right choice”

  “The hardest, worst, right choice”


I know this will spark a lot of discussion.

I have and always will be pro choice!

I couldn’t possibly say what might have happened if we had a prenatal diagnosis for Caleb.

I can completely empathise with the family in this article.
Nobody can ever say for Sure what they would do, unless they find themselves in this difficult scenario.

What a heart wrenching decision it must have been to abort a baby and have to deliver it.
But the fear of the unknown isn’t an easy one either!

Even now we have so many unknowns.  Nobody can say for sure what the future holds for our wee trooper.

He is here. He is very much loved and although its not what we imagined when I went for a pee and those to pink lines appeared. I’m grateful to have had a post natal diagnosis.

My hopes and dreams for writing this blog and sharing our story, is that families having to make this tough choice can have a small glimpse into a potential future. A beautiful but scary future but lovely regardless!!

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