Video fluoroscopy

As you can see this wee dude took the Videofluoroscopy in his stride. He thought the place was hilarious 😂

The good news is we don’t need a feeding tube  🎉

He is however a mystery to the team. This boy just doesn’t do textbook. The short of it is that he is occasionally having small aspirations. Soooo….. He’s getting his milk thickened a bit more than he already had. He’s really good with solids, we will try have more food with his milk in it and give less bottles.

It *may* be his meds that are causing a degree of delay. As we have started to wean off the seizure drug that causes lower tone and introducing one that has minimal side effects, we may find he improves. Time will tell.

The sad news….. I’ve decided that at the ripe old age of 10months and 1 week our breastfeeding/expressing journey will be coming to an end 😔

Thinking practically it’s not ideal. It’s time consuming and added stress and pressure that I could do without. Plus it’s unlikely that the wee man will go back to actual breastfeeding.

I’m more at ease with this decision than I was a few weeks ago. My initial target was to feed until 6months. Then I said I’d continue until 1yr or until he had teeth. Seeing as how he has now got his first tooth I’ve actually reached my end goal.

Now to hope the wee menace sleeps tonight for his sleep study!!

Thanks again to everyone for all your support and kind words. Couldn’t do it without you xxx
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