Goodbye Christmas 2017

That’s Christmas packed away 🌲

I’m sat now, in a sparse looking living room, that’s looking a lot less sparkly than it did a few hours ago.

This has got to be the shortest time our tree has been up. A mere 17days.

I’m sat in my pjs reflecting on the past few weeks. 

As lovely as Christmas was it just wasn’t all I had imagined or hoped for. It wad Calebs first Christmas and I had great expectations for the most wonderfully disgusting amount of Christmassyness (That’s a word, right?).

Don’t get me wrong, I am immensely grateful that we got to spend the Christmas together as a family of 5, presents under the tree, food in the cupboards and a roof over our heads.

Having had 2 winter babies, their first Christmases were spent in the newborn bubble. Knowing Caleb would be 9months I had imagined him sitting by the tree tearing open the presents and pulling decorations off the tree. 

Instead he was sleepy and miserable and we spent Christmas Eve battling a high temperature. Myself, Dave and Caleb all sporting a pair of heavy eyelids and dark circles come Christmas morning.

The big build up to Christmas was shot down by a 3.5week stay in the hospital, which still causes me a lot of stress, worry and doubt! 

I should have been writing out gift lists, shopping lists and other to-do lists and christm as cards, instead we spent hours sat writing out our application for disability living allowance, listing all our complications, hospital visits and ‘flaws’ our little boy has.

We packed in a lot of activities such as the panto, Santa visit, reindeer, sledging (albeit very briefly). But it was always overshadowed by exhaustion and as a result a grumpier mum than I’d have like to be. 

Is it just me? 

Everyone seems so happy and cheerful in their Christmas pictures and I’m very happy for them but it does cause some bitterness, I’m not gonna lie.

What now???

We await the bells at new year and hope that 2018 can only  be a happier and healthier year than the last. I’ll take nothing for granted and try to be less grumpy. I can’t promise I’ll be less sarcastic or sober though 😂

Goodbye Christmas 2017!  

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