Sick Day

Sick day.

As you know Ayla had a tummy bug at the weekend. As we have to wait until she has been 48hrs clear of symptoms, she’s had to miss school today.

She’s absolutely fine and back to her usual self. But she’s not happy about missing school and being kept at home.

I told her we would chill out with a movie this afternoon……

I should have specified what movies were allowed.

So now I find myself watching ‘The Grinch’ …… November 🙄

I’m very much of the opinion that Christmas and all things related, should be saved for December!
(just my opinion)

I’ve seen quite a few friends post their obligitary Christmas tree pictures already 😣😣

Don’t get me wrong I’m no Bah Humbug! I’m all for Xmas jumpers, tinsel and carols. Just not before the 1st of December!

When do you start the festivities??

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