So according to Dr Hilary Jones babies with Down syndrome aren’t ‘normal’???

Did anyone else watch the interview on the Lorraine Kelly show on ITV ??

This morning they were discussing the new screening test being done to test for Down Syndrome. During the interview words like ‘exciting’ and ‘hopeful’ were used. Then Dr Hilary went on to compare it with a ‘normal’ pregnancy.

I’m very disappointed and shocked. It’s attitudes like this that terrify and worry pregnant women. This is the reason the termination rate is so high.

We need to change perceptions and attitudes!

Having a baby with Down Syndrome IS normal. Yes, the prospect of it all can be somewhat scary. But if we give the woman (and indeed her partner) all the information. Not just the ‘worst case scenario’ outcomes, not a long list of POTENTIAL complications and health issues (that any ‘normal’ baby could also have!). If we give them just a small insight into the truth…

These babies, are small, innocent, beautiful little people who like any other baby require love, guidance, support and encouragement.

There may be challenges and difficult times but there are also soooooo many wonderful and amazing times that out weigh them all- a million times more!


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