Family Day 👨👩👫👶

Been a busy few days with classes and appointments etc.

Yesterday we decided to just jump on the train to Aberdeen and make an afternoon of it. We had vouchers to spend for some shops and pizza express, so that was dinner sorted.

This was Calebs first trip on the train. He LOVED watching the trees go by the window.

Got to town and bought a few bitlrthday gifts for Ayla. Her birthday is less than 3 weeks away and we’ve not sorted anything yet lol.

Brody was long over due a haircut, quick trip to the Turkish barber sorted that. We now have a trendy looking dude.

We went to hit the shops and realised we (Dave) had left the vouchers in the car!

Since we had no pizza express vouchers with us we opted for Giraffe in Union Square Aberdeen. We’d never been before, but we will definitely be going again. The food and drink was yummy and even better….. the kids ate for free!!!


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