Does it make me think??

Does it make me think??

Yesterday I spent some time with 2 beautiful little twin girls, I’ve always wanted twins so I was in my element.💗💗

Later that day I was asked….

“Does it make you think what things could have been like?”

I can’t remember exactly what I replied, I kept it short and sweet, but I thought I would share with you how I would answer that question, now I’ve thought about it some more….

Does it make me think about how things could have been if Caleb didn’t have that extra little chromosome??

Yes! Yes of course I think about it from time to time. It’s only natural isn’t it??

Does it change anything?


This isn’t the journey we had mapped out for ourselves. But there was a traffic jam on that route so we took a diversion.

That diversion has taken us the scenic route. The road is a little longer, it’s unfamiliar. At times there are a few bumps along the way and yes it can be scary…..

But it’s a beautiful road. The scenery is breathtaking. Each mile is driven a bit more slower than what the motorway would have been. That’s what makes us slow down and take in all there is to experience along those miles.

We meet some amazing people at the view points along the way. People who aren’t in a hurry and enjoy the views we didn’t know existed from the motorway.

When it comes to the rougher, bumpier stretches of road, of course we long for that slip road leading back to the motorway but then we remember all things we would miss.

We wouldn’t be able to pause and look at the flowers, breathe in their scent and truly appreciate their uniqueness. Watch them all blossom at their own pace.

We wouldn’t meet those other wonderful people who are sharing in the enjoyment. Those people who we bump into from time to time during our pitstops. The ones that hold our hands down the bumpy footpaths and build unforgettable bonds with 💖.

So while the motorway is nice, easy, fairly straight and gets you to those destinations in good time. I’m happy on the road we have been on since that diversion a few miles back.

Who knows where it will take us or if we’ll reach those destinations on time?

But boy, are those flowers worth the detour 💙💛💙💛

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3 thoughts on “Does it make me think??

  1. This is so beautifully stated, thank you for sharing your heart. I will be featuring this post on the T21 bloghop this week, be sure to come by and link up another post for this week’s hop too!

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