Waiting Game

Waiting game.

Yesterday Caleb had his EEG, his first since starting treatment for Infantile Spasms.
Although we were there an hour, Caleb wouldn’t stay still. Hoping we managed to get a good reading.

Now it’s just a waiting game to hear from his neurology consultant to see how it went!

We also found out that Caleb is getting his MRI (under general anaesthetic) on Tuesday. Keeping everything crossed he doesn’t catch any more bugs before then!

If I’m honest, I’m really not looking forward to seeing my baby be put to sleep 😦

We have a wedding on Saturday, which we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. We had it all planned. My Mum was all set to have all 3 kids overnight. But since being poorly, Caleb has point blank refused a bottle! So my boobies are back in full working order. Sadly the lovely dress I bought no longer fits due to my increasing bust size 😕

Thankfully the bride has been very understanding and said it would be ok to take Caleb with us!

As much as we were looking forward to a child free weekend, letting our hair down (well not for Dave, he’s not got much left on top 😂). I’m glad that Caleb will be with us.

It means I won’t be stressing about my mum trying to force down his medicine – he’s mastered the arts of spitting, not swallowing and clamping his mouth shut so you can’t get any in! As he has just finished his steroids, I will also be able to keep an eye out for any kind of relapse in spasms.

Tomorrow will be a day of wedding prep; nails, shaving, tanning, picking a whole new (previously worn) outfit that will accommodate my melons and will allow easy access for feeding.

Going to try squeeze my 3rd run of the week in too. Managed to run/walk 5k in just under 37min yesterday *insert smug face*

What does everyone else have planned for the rest of the week/weekend???

[Photo credit goes to Nicola Stewart Photography]

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