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This intro is a bit longer than the rest so bear with me . . .

Caleb was an unexpected surprise 30th birthday present we brought back from MajorcaΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Other than suffering horrific sickness (hyperemisis) my pregnancy went well.
We planned a home waterbirth and I’m very pleased to say I finally got my homebirth! For various reasons it never happened with the other 2! I cannot recommend homebirth enough it was fantastic, even though Caleb came rather quick in the end and before a 2nd midwife could make it out. His cord snapped on the way out! Which is very rare apparently.

Right from day 1 I always thought Caleb looked different to the other 2. I had noticed his eyes quite slanted. From my experience working as a children’s nurse I knew this was a trait of Downs Syndrome. We mentioned to the GP but his response was that we’d love him regardless…. Not quite the response we were expecting but he said nothing was ringing alarm bells with him.

Fast forward a few weeks (5 to be exact ) and my good friend who is a pediatrician called out of the blue and said that she had been speaking to a colleague and had said we should have been offered a blood test right there and then when we had first mentioned our DS (downs syndrome) concerns. So the next day we had bloods done totally expecting them to come back negative but that mothering instinct niggled away and I think deep down I knew the opposite was true.

Friday 21st April- I was doing my favourite thing… housework! The place was a tip! Then the door bell rang. It was my friend the pediatrician. I knew she was meant to be in work that afternoon and she was to call me with the results! When I seen her figure through the decorative glass panel on the door my heart sank and I felt a huge lump build in my throat.

It was positive!!
Our little boy had Downs Syndrome!

We cried (1st time I’ve ever seen dave cry lol) and of course we went through the the motions of greaving for the “normal” child we wouldn’t have. The guilt. The worry. The denial. But do you know what…. that was short lived!
Our little boy was still our little boy! He was the most content little baby ever (and still is). He breastfeeds a dream. He had just started to smile. He was happy, he was healthy and he was very mich loved!! The diagnosis changed none of that!
(I cannot thank my friend for all she done for us that day! She is is a magnificent friend and a truly exceptional human being!! I’ll always be grateful for what she’s done for us and she’ll always hold a special place in our heartsΒ πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™)

We told family and friends. All of whom had very different reactions, but all positive after they got over the initial shock.
We told Brody and Ayla too. We explained that Caleb had downs syndrome and all that meant was that he might take a little longer to do things like sitting, crawling, walking etc but with all their love and support he’d get there.

He had his heart checked in the few days that followed, that was a big worry! A lot of babies with DS have heart surgery at a very young age. Thankfully we got the all clear 😊 a huge weight off our shoulders!

He’s now 10weeks old and thriving. He’s utterly adorable ( I know I’m biased). He’s super smiley and tells the most heart warming little stories that could melt an iron heart!

So part of this blog will be following our Downs Syndrome Journey. A journey we hadn’t expected but we have the cutest tour guideΒ πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š


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2 thoughts on “Caleb

  1. Thank you so much for popping over to the T21 bloghop and sharing your post. I too had a planned homebirth that delivered a surprise, our Cedar was born at home (my second homebirth) and we learned at birth that he has Down Syndrome. My midwife had been present at hundreds of births and this was also her first experience with a baby who has Down Syndrome. I also wanted to extend and invite to you to join a group many of us are in on Facebook called Down Syndrome bloggers network, put in a join request if you like and please feel free to drop another link at the T21 bloghop this Tuesday!

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