Who am I?

So this is me!
Well at least it was a year ago 😂
Before baby number 3 and over a stone lighter 🙈
I feel this is like filling in a dating profile for one of those dating websites (which I’ve never actually done)! I can hear a bit of Cilla in my head, “What’s your name and where do you come from?”

Well I’m Claire! I live in Aberdeenshire where I’ve lived most my life! I’m 30yrs old (but only for a few more weeks). My interests include Wine, parties, Irregular Choice Shoes, having fun, cocktails, countryside, more wine, housework (who am I kidding I bloody hate house work!).

My plans for the future are to raise my kids as best I can, without killing them! Buying more shoes, drinking more wine (once I’m done breastfeeding 😣 ), lose a little weight and get a lot fitter!

Im gonna introduce the rest of the family as soon as I can but I’m currently needing to get my arse into gear for a play date this fine afternoon! Followed by a reunion then a house party at one of the neighbours.

Speak soon



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